An Unwavering Commitment to the Communities We Serve

We are committed to the local communities we serve, fostering economic development while emphasizing social and environmental stewardship.

Airports Worldwide, our partners, affiliates, and employees believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and serve.  It is our belief that through contributions, leadership and volunteering, we can make a positive impact so people can live stronger, healthier lives.

Collectively we have provided support to the following organizations and causes:

United States:

  • The Houston SPCA
  • ChildBuilders
  • Harris County Hospital District
  • Houston Blood Bank
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)
  • March of Dimes
  • Pat Reynolds Elementary Garden
  • Young Texans Against Cancer
  • Washington State Model United Nations (WASMUN)

Costa Rica:

  • Asociación Pro-Hospital Nacional de Niños
  • Coastal Conservation Association
  • Guardia Cencinari
  • Inmaculada Conception de Maria Parish Church
  • Liberia Nursing Home
  • Los Altos del Roble Elementary School
  • Los Jocotes Elementary School
  • Los Lagos Elementary School
  • Sana Cruz Elementary School


  • Environmental Education Program
  • Quiport Organic Garden Project
  • Acacias Compensation Program
  • Virtual Classrooms for Local Members Program
  • Job Training Programs