HAS Development Corporation (HASDC)

HAS Development Corporation (HASDC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3), Texas corporation formed to develop alternate revenue sources for the Houston Airport System (HAS), and is the affiliate through which HAS provides airport operator expertise via an exclusive Technical Services Agreement (TSA). Through this TSA, HASDC and Airports Worldwide bring the Houston Airport System's more than 75 years of operating expertise, resources and knowledge in airport planning, design, management, operation and administration, to the airport privatization projects in which they participate. HASDC also independently provides airport operations training, consulting, and airport security assessment services to airports around the world.  For example, HASDC is the largest international provider of training services to the Civil Aviation Authority of China and its programs provided in conjunction with the FAA are globally recognized.

HASDC is governed by a board of three members, the Chairman of which is in perpetuity the Director of Aviation of the Houston Airport System, and 100% of the economic benefits of HASDC’s business activities accrue to the Houston Airport System.

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