ADC & HAS Management Ecuador Wins Best Practices Award

ADC & HAS Management Ecuador is recognized by Fundacion General Ecuatoriana for best practices in social and labor inclusion of disabled people

Houston, TX, (March 9, 2012)ADC & HAS Management Ecuador, an ADC & HAS company that operates Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, was recently recognized by the Fundacion General Ecuatoriana for best practices in social and labor inclusion for people with disabilities.

Due to the fact that ADC & HAS is a high risk company, the searching of staff with disabilities can be challenging. One of the first steps in this process is the analysis of jobs that might be covered by disable people, without prejudice for their health and safety.

Mariela Paredes, Human Resources Manager, stated “At the beginning these jobs were considered for areas such as Customer service, VIP lounge or for an administrative position. However, at that time we had no vacancies in these areas.” She looked for other alternatives and through the program “Creative Ideas” organized a contest among employees to submit suggestions on how to include people with disabilities within the company.

This led to the idea of hiring two employees with intellectual disabilities to work in the recycling area. Their job is to collect pallets left in the airport and reuse them for making wooden boxes and pet homes. Additionally, they work collecting cut grass to make humus.

For the next stage of labor inclusion, ADC & HAS realized that there were already people with disabilities working in the company, but lacked the certification by the government to be considered as such. ADC & HAS Management helped two fire fighters obtain their disability certification. One of them has spinal problems and the other is treated with dialysis.

Finally, ADC & HAS Management’s “Code of Conduct” stresses that there cannot be discrimination of any kind.

ADC & HAS Management Ecuador’s Best Practices Include:

• To include staff with multiple disabilities, highlighting the nondiscrimination practice and providing an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their competence at work.

• To promote a social inclusion and employment without prejudice. As part of the company, employees have spaces where they can interact and express their feelings and their creativity.

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