Holiday Shopping on the Fly

Airport shopping used to be mainly for the desperate or bored. But as airports seek to generate more revenue, they have been expanding their offerings of stores and other services, and some time-constrained business travelers now say they find gift-worthy items before their flights.

Ernest Troth, president of the North Loudoun Corporation, a military equipment supplier in Virginia, for instance, said stopping for layovers at the airport in Denver was “a life saver when it comes to shopping on an otherwise tightly scheduled business trip.” The connection, he said, is “easy to make, and there are two shops I always stop in for handmade, unique jewelry and gifts.”

Olivia King Canter, a New York television executive, said she was surprised that she could buy roses in the Quito, Ecuador, airport to bring as gifts to the United States. “A client said you can bring back wholesale boxes of roses,” she said. “I bought boxes and boxes of roses, packed in cartons and sealed, long-stem roses. I had to fill out a customs form, and go through the agricultural line, but it was no big deal.”

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